Q. What AD&D system do you use in Lierien?

A. At first, I was planning on having Lierien be a 2e setting. However, 3.5 is becoming the prominent system. Therefore, I am going to have Lierien run under the 3.5 system.

There will be unique rules to Lierien that may contradict what is in the core books of 3.5. In such cases, the rules on the website and forum take precedence.

Q. Ok, how in the heck do you pronounce "Lierien"?

A. Lierien...... Just kidding. It's pronounced "Lee-air-ee-in".

Q. I see listed under races the Alrabi and the Shelywin. What are these races?

A. These are races unique to Lierien. Though they may have similarities to other races and monsters you may have seen in other settings, their cultures and OOC mechanics are different. Please read their respective pages for more info on these two races.

Q. I donít see monks listed as a playable class. Why?

A. I have decided that monks do not really fit into the setting of Lierien, and thus, were not appropriate for inclusion. If a player really wants to play a monk character, they may petition the Site Administrator for permission.

Q. How is the awarding of experience handled in Lierien?

A. DMs are free to award experience to their PCs as they see fit, within certain guidelines. In any case where a DM wishes to award a PC more than 10% of the xp needed to advance to the next level, such award will require the approval of the Site Admin.

As I think of more things (and get asked more questions), Iíll add to this section.

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